After completing a BA in Ceramic Design at Monash University, Melbourne in 1992 I moved to Japan to embark on a 3 year apprenticeship in the Mingei tradition. Studying under the eminent Mashiko artist, Ryo Suzuki, I discovered a new way of life with pottery.

In the following years I went on to work with established potters in France and the UK, eventually opening my own studio in the beautiful Isle of Skye. My work displays the influences of both Japanese and European traditions of making. In recent years I have become fascinated by the potential of crystalline glazes, I find their fickle unpredictability challenging, yet endlessly exciting.

My work is a combination of optimism and risk, my collaboration with the natural properties of clay and fire continues to lead me through this potter’s life. I am proud to be part of a long tradition of potters and artists who express themselves and can touch others through the act of sharing something beautifully handcrafted.